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MacLaren Appliance provides Real Service With Personality

We provide service from residential heating and cooling comfort to commercial refrigeration cooling and freezing products for various applications.
We are committed to professionalism and personal service for your home or business.


If you're in the Annapolis Valley and you own an appliance, you need to save this number in your phone. 902-678-5400 is the 911 for your appliances.

Fast, responsive service in your time of need

We all know that an appliance has been struck with Murphy’s Law when it was born.  It will break down at the worst possible time for you.  Don’t worry, MacLaren’s is here for you.

We Carry The Right Medicine

We carry a large selection of parts for the major brands of appliances.  We will also pre-diagnose over the phone so we can arrive with a selection of possible parts.  This minimizes down time.

Superhero Like Ability

While sporting a pair of superhero tights is not exactly our uniform, our super hero like ability to work with your ill appliance has the likes of superman wondering where we came from.

 Free Guide

Heat Pump Buyers Guide

  • We have sifted through all the information put out by the Canadian Government to outline Heat Pumps & compiled it into this useful resource guide just for you.

Office Hours:  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

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